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Published on April 3, 2006 By IanTyger In Turn-Based

I always check in on Opinionated Techie every day - whether it's an entry on politics or gaming, his articles are informative, funny, and provocative. His last post is now a couple of days old, and the last few have been about GalCiv 2. This says to me that he's too busy to blog, hopefully because he's working hard to wow me even more with the next update.

Go Brad!

on Apr 03, 2006
That is a nice blog. I'm glad that you showed me that, because it helped me to decide not to get Oblivion, based on the problems he was having. (I wasn't sure if the copy protection on the game would mess with my computer or not.)
on Apr 03, 2006
on Apr 04, 2006
I agree with IanTyger. Urk?

Also, Brad's blogging is always a must read, and I hope it continues to be so. I can't wait to read about his next exploit into the gaming world, which supposedly will be Society!

Maybe he's busy taking some well deserved time off? I would not blame him at all.
on Apr 04, 2006
Last I check the guy is still working his butt off balancing the game, tweaking techs and various other factors to improve the AI... it's unbelievable how dedicated these guys are.
on Apr 06, 2006
If the first commenter is talking about Oblivion using Starforce (maybe?) - I'm starting to see noises that Oblivion isn't using ANY of the extra software copy protection, other than a basic cd-check. Still not as good as GalCiv2, but as I usually can find my cds these days, I'll take it! Now, if only it would RUN on my laptop (ATI Mobility Radeon 9600)....
on Apr 06, 2006
No BethSoft games have yet to use Starforce, and I think the backlash should have
permanently scared them away from the thought now
The nodvd patch (found in the usual places you find such things) works perfectly
with my Collector's Edition. With the DVD/CD-check being just a simple check, a mini-
image ripper would do the trick, too.

Off to catch up on a few months of Brad's blog now..
on Apr 08, 2006

I didn't have any problems with my copy (as in the box I purchased from a store) of Oblivion, the copy protection was pretty transparent, and I didn't notice any CD-check lag while I was playing unlike Morrowind. And the no-DVD .exe from gamecopyworld saved me from the rigors of having to reach for the disc everytime I wanted to play.

(unfortunately Google, being dorks, have made it so the search function on gamecopyworld doesn't work, in the false believe that gamecopyworld provides any service to pirates whatsoever; in fact it doesn't, because pirates always get a no-dvd patch in the .zip or whatever, they don't need gamecopyworld whatsoever. So, you'll have to kind of manually search to find the .exe most likely)
on Apr 09, 2006
And the no-DVD .exe from gamecopyworld

But that makes you a criminal violating the DMCA.

on May 01, 2006

is last post is now a couple of days old, and the last few have been about GalCiv 2

He's on vacation for a couple weeks.  At least he claims he's on vacation....but I still keep seeing comments and email from him

on May 01, 2006
Is Cari too?
on May 01, 2006
I like what you do, continue this way.
on May 01, 2006
Is Cari too?

Ack, I just realized that probably sounded really bad. What I meant to say was "I hope eveyrone got some time off after the 1.1 release". But it doesn't look like that's the case since many SD'ers are posting about the 1.1 post patch work.