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Too bad it's not likely to see airtime
Published on March 31, 2004 By IanTyger In Republican
I've seen this linked a couple of places (I followed the link from Bill Hobbs).

I like it. Anyone else got an opinion?

on Mar 31, 2004
that 5.6% unemployment rate is spin. clinton had at the start of his presidency MUCH higher than 5.6 unemployment and it went DOWN to 5.6. bush had lower than 5.6% and then it went UP to 5.6.

take a look at this graph to see what i mean:

on Apr 01, 2004
Countries who hated the States when Clinton was in power 3

Countries who dont hate the states when Bush is in power 3

on Apr 01, 2004
I challange you Muggaz. Name me three countries who don't hate the US with Bush in office. I'll give you Great Britan, but only because Tony Blair is a bitch, the rest of the country hates us. Vote Kerry in 2004 because he is the lesser of the two evils.
on Apr 01, 2004
I have to wonder about how many countries actually liked the US under Clinton. Kyoto was devised and pushed under Clinton (and killed with a 99-0 Senate vote under him too). Kyoto was pretty much all about slowing down the US economy. (If that wasn't the goal, why haven't the countries that did ratify it implemented it unilaterally. It's for the environment, after all).

I think the rest of the world hasn't liked the US for a while (certainly before the Wall came down), and are only now being open about it. I also think it won't matter who is president, Bush or Kerry. They'll be nicer about it - but the rest of the world is jealous of the US, and the man in charge isn't going to change that; since a) it's a structural thing, and Congress won't let him, because the country doesn't trust the UN. At this point, I don't see the benefit of bending over for the rest of the world. It won't get us enough benefit over what it'll lose us.
on Apr 01, 2004
I could careless how many people "like" the US. Sometimes doing the "right" thing means going alone. It boils down to the question:

Is our response to terrorism a military or legal response? France sides with legal, Bush with Military.

Go Bush!
on Apr 01, 2004
Oh, and as for unemployment - every economist I've read hs said that the unemployment levels of the late 90's was unsustainable, depending on a massively unsustainable tech buble (that popped well before the election - so you can't blame that on Bush).