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And the information continues to leak
Published on May 3, 2007 By IanTyger In Current Events
Narrator: Re: the AACS key "09 F9...", war was beginning.
MPAA: What happen ?
RIAA: Somebody set up us the DRM.
SoundExchange: We get signal.
MPAA: What !
SoundExchange: Main screen turn on.
MPAA: It's you !!
1337hax0r: How are you gentlemen !!
1337hax0r: All your key are decode to us.
1337hax0r: You are on the way to decryption.
MPAA: What you say !!
1337hax0r: You have no chance to survive make your layer.
1337hax0r: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....
SoundExchange: MPAA !!
MPAA: Take off every 'Digg' !!
MPAA: You know what you doing.
MPAA: Move 'Digg'.
MPAA: For great justice.

The inspiration was mine, then it became a IM rap session between me and Fugazi; and finally he dug up the transcript and polished it to this result. My thanks to Fugazi.

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