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Published on October 21, 2007 By IanTyger In Misc

Sebastian offers us this story of a home defense incident involving a sword. (It turns out well for the sword wielder).

Picture yourself in this position, though; especially if you are not a large and fit man. A large man, dripping blood, has just entered your bedroom and is demanding that you keep quiet and don't let the police know he's there. He is evidently not in his right mind. What are your options? What can you do, what will you do?

Locking the doors didn't help this couple - the intruder got through. Per the news article on the incident, the guy fought it out with a police dog, so he's not a peace-minded individual. Like the vast majority of defensive weapon uses, the mere display of a weapon and the will to use it was enough to stop an incident in its tracks.

But a sword is not a very good home defense weapon - it takes a lot of training to use, requires a certain amount of space to wield, and a good one is hard to get a hold of and expensive to boot. Martial arts have a similar issue. Both also require that the wielder be close to the opponent in physical capability - a 5'0" woman is going to find it difficult to hold off a larger, stronger (especially in upper body strength) male unless she is extensively (and expensively) trained and keeps up her training. But a firearm is cheap (and could be cheaper without sometimes stifling government regulation), easy to learn to use, and gain and keep the basic proficiency needed for self-defense purposes, and doesn't care about your level of physical ability beyond a low minimum - there was a recent news story about an elderly woman who had to use a walker nevertheless defending herself against an intruder and holding him until the police arrived to take the intruder into custody.

Defense of self and personal property is a human right, and the best way to defend yourself, hands-down, is with a firearm. Oleg Volk has a series of posters on the subject of self defense (among other things) - check them out.

I want to end this post with this thought - "God made man, Samuel Colt made man equal."


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