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Published on January 28, 2008 By IanTyger In US Domestic

I have just six words to tell all of you who want to let your "silence" be heard by the Republicans

Supreme Court Justice William Jefferson Clinton

Sweet dreams...

on Jan 28, 2008
ooo...scare tactics.  is that all the republicans got? 
on Jan 28, 2008
I am a republican, addressing other republicans...

And quite frankly - woudl it be desireable, from a separation of powers point of view, for there to be a President Clinton and a Justice Clinton? Does he recuse himself in cases involving the Administration, but not President Clinton directly? If not, why not?

I may also not have made this clear - I don't like the current crop of Republican candidates either. Once Fred Thompson left, my liking for the republican field took a nosedive. In fact, if the Dems run Obama vs the Republicans choosing Huckabee; I'll be voting Obama. I'm hoping like hell it's not Clinton vs Huckabee - because I dont' want either of them. I'm not even sure I'd vote for Romney were he the nominee vs Obama. I reluctantly support McCain because the positives barely outwiegh the negatives.

Make no mistake, 2008 sucks worse than 2004 did, IMHO, as far as choices go. But there is a choice, and one of them may end up with the scenario I outlined. *May* end up there - it's certainly a worst-case.
on Jan 28, 2008
Wouldn't that be sad. . .an impeached president now as a good chance of becoming a member of the high court.

on Jan 29, 2008
"Sweet Dreams"???????? Constant nightmares!!!!!
on Jan 30, 2008
Them too