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Super Tuesday
Published on January 30, 2008 By IanTyger In US Domestic
New Jersey is now a Super Tuesday state, and all of the candidates are still on the ballot

So on the democratic part is (and in order from left to right - I wonder how place on ballot is assigned)
Barak Obama - Dennis Kucinich - John Edwards - Joe Biden - Bill Richardson - Hillary Clinton

On the Republican part is
Rudy Giuliani - Fred Thompson - Mitt Romney - John McCain - Ron Paul - Mike Huckabee

Names are as spelled on the ballot.

I'm taking the opportunity to send a message - that being "None of the ones left". Come Tuesday, I'll be pushing the button for Row 2, Column B: Fred Thompson.

I doubt Huckabee has a chance in NJ, and while I prefer McCain to Romney, either of them beat either of Obama or Clinton IMHO.

Were I to hazard a guess, I'd say NJ will go for Romney for the Republicans, by a fairly large margin. Nonetheless, I still want to make my point now.

I'm being given a chance to vote my principles without having to risk it all, I'm taking it.

on Jan 30, 2008
I don't understand why you wouldn't vote for McCain if you prefer McCain to Romney. 
on Jan 31, 2008
I agree with your republican prognostication.  On the dem side, I think Hillary will win the state.  And if I was up there and eligible to vote, I would vote Thompson as well.
on Feb 04, 2008
I'm not voting McCain because a)I don't think my vote is going ot have a hope in hell of mattering in the Republican primary; I think Romney has it sewn up (I'll be glad to be proved wrong).

And I'm not enough anti-romney to care; while I would like to take the opportunity to send a message.