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Published on November 18, 2004 By IanTyger In Blogging
I'm broswing through my blogs this morning, and I read today's Bleat.

Cute story about small child? Check.
Rambling commentary on classic media? Check
Miscellaneous socipolitical commentary on the ltest blogospheric outrage? Check

The latest outrage is Target's decision to no longer permit Salvation Army kettle-ringers on Target's property (this was a longstanding exemption to Target's blanket policy of not permitting solicitors on their properties at all). Myself, I'm of neutral opinion on this. I don't carry random cash on me, so I haven't lost a chance to donate to Salvation Army. I'm not going to change big-box stores: there aren't any others as close to me as Target is, and I have an extreme aversion to shopping at Wal-mart (there stuff is cheap, their productions values cheaper), and K-mart depresses me when I go into one. And before you all go all "big-box stores are evil!" on me, let me tell you this. For the stuff they sell that I buy, there aren't any small store choices any more. (also, if I go there once a month, it's often).

I have no insight into the whys and wherefors of the decision. Undoubtedly, Target's management thinks they have a good reason. If you don't think so, go someplace else. Or you could do as Mr. Lileks did, and find an alternate way of donating, rather than expending your energy in a sound and fury campaign.

I'd like to finish off this post with my favorite quote from the linked article, referring to Wal-marts smily face:
"[T]hat banal yellow smiley face that sums up the 70s in a vacuous icon that makes Hello Kitty look like Munch's "Scream." Am I the only one who imagines a hole between the eyes and a red trickle? No? Then I’m among friends. Have a nice day."

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