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Published on February 1, 2005 By IanTyger In Blogging
I haven't blogged for almost a month, and there's no good reason for it (other than me spending time on other things). There's been plenty of events that I would and should blog, from a close friend of mine having a baby, to the Iraqi elections. I just have been feeling a little ragged this month, and haven't carved out time to blog. I will try and get some more blogging done this month.

One thing that I think would get me to post some more is if I could log in and post from my pocket PC (see last entry). I have odd bits of time squirreled away that I could do some blogging in and post; if I could get to the posting mechanism. Of course, sinc eit seems that's an ASP link in the address bar, that would probably be why I can't do it...

I may just have to start composing posts offline and throwing them up here when I get a chance. Pocket Word I think will save as HTML...

It's not like I've been doing other recreational stuff a lot to take up my time. As my wife is complaining about, I haven't run any of my RPGs in a couple of months. I got to go to a LAN party saturday, but that was only due to other plans falling through (oops).

The new Battlestar Galactica is astounding! It makes me so glad I have TiVO capability via an all-in-wonder card in my home server, since I work when it is on. But I can timeshift it... I've seen the pilot, "33", and "Water" so far. I have "Bastille Day" and "Acts of Contrition" on disk, and need to watch them this week, and be ready for the next ep (already scheduled to record).

That leads me to my next question; any recommendations for PVR software that's better than the ATI MMC and Guide+? I tried Beyond TV and it wa way too stuttery and jerky - lost frames like crazy. Any other software out there> The ATI stuff is really bare-bones

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