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Published on April 8, 2005 By IanTyger In Blogging
So here I am at Icon again, and I remembered the necessary to get online from the con. (Forgot almost everything else but that - including my entire laptop bag - at home, but luckily my laptop, the power adapter for it, and the necessary to connect my laptop to my phone (no EVDO card for me) came with me.

Once again, I preregistered, and once again was glad of it. Only had a 25 minute wait in line, and was able to pick up my badge. I'm currently waiting for a Dungeon Delve session to start up, so I can actually get in a bit of (hack'n'slash) palying as opposed to GMing.

Updates throughout the weekend, for all of you who can't be here. Sorry, but one of the things I forgot was the digicam, so no pictures.

on Apr 08, 2005
hey did the cookies make it in time? Our internet was out ALL DAY yesterday and of course your phone number is on an on-line database *le sigh*
on Apr 09, 2005
The cookies came thorugh fine and we ate some on the way.
on Apr 09, 2005
yay! i'm glad theyw ere ok 8)
I wish i could be there with you guys muchly!