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February 5, 2008 by IanTyger
I pushed the button for Thompson, who the NYTimes is reporting with 0.6% of the vote in NJ (not too shabby). I was also incorrect in my estimate that Romney would take NJ - NYtimes is estimating 55% to McCain - so my message doesn't seem to have hurt McCain's chances...
July 15, 2007 by IanTyger
Fred Thompsondefends himself against charges of "being a lawyer". Pretty interesting reading, a nice nice reference to one of my favorite Founding Fathers (John Adams).
March 31, 2004 by IanTyger
I've seen this linked a couple of places (I followed the link from Bill Hobbs). I like it. Anyone else got an opinion?
March 31, 2004 by IanTyger
Compare and contrast. One of side, we have a president who is comfortable poking fun at himself. On the other, a candidate who is so uptight, he has to proclaim, "I don't fall down. That son of a bitch ran into me," when a member of his Secret Service detail bumped in to him accidentally during Kerry's recent ski trip. Given the choice, I'd rather have someone who can make (and take) a joke over someone who does sweat the small stuff. But that's just me.