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March 5, 2004 by IanTyger
I just read the first comment to mypost below, started to reply to it, and decided to make a blog entry instead.

At this point, calling your senator doesn't matter - opponents of the bill attached a "poison-pill" amendment (extension of the Assault Weapons Ban), and the entire bill was killed to prevent the AWB from being extended.

As for the rest of csuperman7's screed, does the manufacturer of any weapon (down to kitchen knives) bear responsibility when their product is being used to k...
February 26, 2004 by IanTyger
Gun-abolitionists have been trying for a number of years to destroy the firearms industry in this country by suing them into bankruptcy. Several states and the House of Representatives have passed legistation to limit this tactic. Now the Senate is considering a bill on the subject. Write your Senators and tell them to vote for S.1805.Thank you.
February 25, 2004 by IanTyger

The wacky canadians bring us - the Greeo Assassination Conspiracy Theory!
February 25, 2004 by IanTyger
Mine are (in no particular order, but the ones I spend more time on are probable listed earlier)
Roleplaying games (D&D 3.5 Link and Shadowrun Link mainly.)

Wargaming (mostly Battletech Link right now. I have a fairly decent collection of Warhammer 40K Link Dark Angels and Tau. And I have a large colelction of other chit/counter type wargames that one of these days I'll get someone to play

Computer Games (natch. Many genres)

Renaissance Faires.

Kite flying (though I haven't in a w...
February 25, 2004 by IanTyger
I'm sure some of the people reading this right now have come from one of the comments I've left on a variety of other blogs concerning gay marriage. Like any number of so-called "conservative" bloggers, I'm for it. Spare me the religious justifications for being against it - not everyone holds the same religious beliefs (and if the only reason you're against it is religious, why doesn't the First Amendment then currently require the government to allow same-sex marriages). Spare me the economi...
February 25, 2004 by IanTyger
"Remember back in the day playing capture the Klingon with those Star Trek tracer guns that shot those little round 'Jet Discs'? Of course you do. ThinkGeek recently stumbled upon the 21st century take of that classic launcher. Inspired by the bullet time scenes from the Matrix, the Shot Blade was developed to create slow flying projectiles that were also accurate and consistent from launch to launch. They succeeded! "

I just have to worry about the cats stealing my ammo

Well, that, and ...
February 21, 2004 by IanTyger
I suggest deleting secular marriages - replace with secular civil unions open to consenting adults, with the same extremely-hard-to-break-by-nonparticipant legal advantages as current marriages, and move as many of the financial benefits as prudent to the civil unions that are raising children. Certain financial benefits would still accrue to childless unions (inheritance, mainly), but I'm OK with that - death taxes strike me as bizarre; the government had their shot at the money while the pers...
February 21, 2004 by IanTyger
My DW is on the mailing list for the People for the American Way (for humor value - she's thinks that they are off their meds; what I think of them would require me to flag this post adult).

She recently received an e-mail complaining about President GW Bush's recess apointment of Alabama Attorney General William Pryor to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Pryor had been nominated for this post some time ago, and his nomination has been stalled in the Senate; not allowed to come up for ...
February 21, 2004 by IanTyger
Myself, I'm "56% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category."
February 21, 2004 by IanTyger
"Nothing's worn under _my_ kilt. Everything there is in perfect working order. " - David Wangen in a thread on baen's bar about Highland Paratroopers
February 20, 2004 by IanTyger
(via Jim Miller Link)

From the article in the Helena Independent Record

"In a ruling released Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Charles Lovell wrote that Jo Alice Mospan, former district director of the Helena SBA office, ruined the career of Mary Conway-Jepsen, and continued to retaliate after Conway-Jepsen resigned in 1997.

The harassment, according to Conway-Jepsen and others, was because she objected to Mospan's discrimination against male employees in the Helena SBA offices."

February 20, 2004 by IanTyger
Welcome to my blog. It's all my DW's (Link) fault, she's been bugging me to get one of my own so I stop ranting in email. So I'll rant here. I reserve the right to do just about anything I want here and in the comments. This is my soapbox, generously provided by Brad, so if you don't like it, get your own.