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March 12, 2005 by IanTyger
I haven't been blogging much recently. There's a couple of reasons for that, but the main one is that I haven't been insriped to. With that in mind, I decided to do a little post on what I don't, won't, or haven't blogged on in the past year: Firstly, my blogiversary. Feb 20th 2004 was my first post, if I remember my logs aright. I just forgot it until recently. Personal things I haven't blogged about include myself, my family, and my firends. The main reason for this is that this blog is ...
February 19, 2005 by IanTyger
In the spirit of James Taranto's (Of the Wall Street Journal) successful attempt to bring the word Kerfuffle back into more general use, I would like to bring the terms laconic andperipatetic back into daily use. (Definitions here andhere). As you can see by following my word links, I'm particularly trying to attach them to one of the leading lights of blogdom (a word which I much prefer to blogosphere, myself). Can we get a google-bomb going for this?
February 7, 2005 by IanTyger
I don't read the New York Times much any more (i'd say I don't read them at all unless someone else links to them, but I do occasionally read them via AvantGo on my handheld, without anyone linking to them). And I did come acrossthis article (login required, bugmenot has it) becauseJim Miller linked to it. But it is an interesting article nonetheless. It tells of a small town in Alaska that currently gets their power from a diesel-fired plant, having to barge in the fuel to run it every year....
February 1, 2005 by IanTyger
I haven't blogged for almost a month, and there's no good reason for it (other than me spending time on other things). There's been plenty of events that I would and should blog, from a close friend of mine having a baby, to the Iraqi elections. I just have been feeling a little ragged this month, and haven't carved out time to blog. I will try and get some more blogging done this month. One thing that I think would get me to post some more is if I could log in and post from my pocket PC (see...
December 22, 2004 by IanTyger
Via the peripatetic Instapundit comes this explanation of why SDB no longer blogs on politics. I probably wouldn't have gotten into blogging if it weren't for him (and for our host linking to one of his essays in the monthly newsletter). He had a profound impact on me, and I wish him the best.
December 5, 2004 by IanTyger
I forget where I saw this, but it's a definite stress-reliever
December 2, 2004 by IanTyger
I think I saw some of these things...
December 2, 2004 by IanTyger
More than meets the eye - indeed
November 19, 2004 by IanTyger
I've been noticing that people have been mining the socio-cultural material of the '80s for a while now (admittedly, in somewhat specialized fields, such as gaming - GI Joe anyone?) But now OpinionJournal has caught the signs. An A-team remake, the revival of the Miami Vice franchise.. Big hair even. And finally "Depeche Mode and The Cure are also staging comebacks." You may now panic.
November 18, 2004 by IanTyger
I'm broswing through my blogs this morning, and I read today's Bleat. Cute story about small child? Check. Rambling commentary on classic media? Check Miscellaneous socipolitical commentary on the ltest blogospheric outrage? Check The latest outrage is Target's decision to no longer permit Salvation Army kettle-ringers on Target's property (this was a longstanding exemption to Target's blanket policy of not permitting solicitors on their properties at all). Myself, I'm of neutral opinio...
November 4, 2004 by IanTyger
As those of you who know me personally no doubt are tired of hearing, I want to own a PT Cruiser. If it turns out I end up getting one in white, I will seriously consider getting a vanity plate RMN-CL56. Anyone want to guess why? (those of you who know my reading habits should be able to guess this one pretty easily). Hint in the comments
November 4, 2004 by IanTyger
Just noticed, this is my 101th post to JU! Now back to your regularly scheduled semi-political tirades... (I guess I'm going to have to find something else to blog on soon)
September 10, 2004 by IanTyger
Via the Volokh Conspiracy comes this Neal Stephensontrivia contest - butsee note (Enoch Root is not the answer).
September 2, 2004 by IanTyger
If you haven't heard of Rain-X, it's a product that you can apply to automotive glass that significantly increases the point at which water beads up on the glass and flows off. You can get in several different forms and ways to apply it to glass (I get it as my windshield wiper fluid). the end result of it is that I have to run my wipers a lot less often in the rain - as the incoming rains beads up immediately, and slides off, making for a much less obscured view. One of the niftiest things a...
July 1, 2004 by IanTyger
And I thought I had issues, learning to drive in the metro DC area